Ona Classic, Installation and Configuration



The Open Data Kit is a powerful data collection tool which has gained popularity in the research world. The framework uses the client-server model, in which data is collected using the client application ODK Collect and the data submitted to the server which could be ODK Aggregate, ONA, FormHub (which is no longer maintained), etc. While ODK Collect is the unrivalled client data collection tool, the server has many contenders. As of writing this post ONA, a fork of FormHub, is the more popular backend. While it has a really nice UI, the UI is not fully open leaving implementors like Badili being forced to use the Ona Classic UI. Installation and configuration of Ona Classic is not well documented and what a better Christmas present from Badili than to document the whole installation and configuration process.



Ona Classic

Ona Classic

Installation and Configuration

Follow the detailed steps by Badili. This will result in a well working copy of Classic Ona. While the UI is different from the Ona’s UI, the backend is the same. The different UIs can be used to serve data from a Postgres database.




Data Collection Services

Badili offers data management services and the installation and configuration of a well functioning data collection server is one of the deliverables that Badili delivers on such engagements. Other deliverables include:

  • Survey design
  • Coding of survey from a word document to XLSForms
  • Enumerator engagement and training
  • Overseeing data collection activities
  • Data analysis and report writing