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“Innovation is change that creates a new dimension of performance”

Peter F. Drucker


 We are a leading technology innovations company that specializes in design and deployment of innovative technology solutions to meet diverse clients’ needs in diverse sectors.

We offer end-to-end technology solutions that take into account the organization’s business strategy and vision, technology infrastructure, IT skills development and security




We employ design-thinking principles in all phases of our work, which ensures that we understand and discern our clients’ needs, and thereafter design, develop and deploy appropriate technology solutions that satisfy our clients. Our core business areas are mainly in data management, systems development and innovation managament where we have designed and developed a wide range of solutions and we have and extensive experience and know how.
At Badili we believe that the clients insights are critical in ensuring that the business needs are met and we therefore adopt a collaborative design thinking approach to explore the best options that benefit the business.
We believe that this makes us competitive because our solutions translate into higher return on investment because they are well matched to the clients’ needs.



What We Do

Badili has a proven track record of development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures that ensures the proper management of the full data lifecycle needs of organisations. These span data collection, data analysis and data visualisation for a wide variety of datasets.

Using design-thinking principles, at Badili we have designed and developed a wide range of softwares and embedded systems that are used in various sectors. So far we have developed systems in the sectors of Agriculture, Education, Health, Broadcasting, Waste Management among others.

At Badili, we recognise that impactful ideas are not created in isolation, but rather, draw on the knowledge, insights, experience and creativity of multidisciplinary teams. To this end, we have developed and continue to nurture an innovation network that brings together a myriad of professionals, practitioners and innovators drawn from different business and knowledge backgrounds.

We leverage this network to identify impactful ideas and promote the requisite collaboration to bring these ideas to fruition. By identifying practical and profitable use cases for emerging technologies, we at Badili Innovations ensure that the solutions we implement are truly cutting edge, in keeping with technology trends.






Lab Automation Services


Badili has designed and developed Labtrail which is an integrated laboratory automation system that automates and streamlines laboratory processes ensuring efficiency, proper data and sample management practices. Labtrail can be customised to run in any laboratory that uses standard laboratory management practices. The main features of Labtrail include patient records management, real time ordering of lab tests, billing and payment verification, unique labelling of samples, sample tracking and management, digital interfacing of analysers, results verification and validation, digital signing of records, automatic transmission of results, generation of reports and audit trails, turn around time (TAT) monitoring, general lab management among others.



Badili is an ERPNext service provider in Kenya. Intelligent business solutions have become indispensable in the day to day running of an organisation. Badili offers a hosted, extensible and easy to configure ERP for small and medium businesses, which gives full control of their business, while streamlining the business operations.

Data Collection Systems


Badili has a rich experience in managing data collection activities for a wide range of research projects. We have successfully carried out monitoring and evaluation activities for a number of projects in which we gained extensive experience in deploying mobile based data collection systems. We have in-depth knowledge of the open data kit (ODK) and CsPro ecosystems having used them for over 8 years in field based data collection activities. In addition, Badili have extensive experience in deploying USSD and SMS based remote data collection systems for various research projects. These systems have been used by small holder farmers and data collection from dairy farmers.

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