Kenya 2016/17 Budget - Revenue Visualization


On 8th June, the cabinet secretary for finance, Mr. Henry Rotich, read the 2016/17 budget themed “Consolidating gains for a prosperous Kenya” which was to a tune of KES 2.3 Trillion (USD 230 Billion). While the budget mainly focused on how the money will be spent, the treasury released the Revenue Book of 2016/17 which breaks down the source of the revenue. In this post, we create a visualization of the revenue estimates for the budget 2016/17.

The good guys at treasury are doing a good job at publishing important documents on their site, treasury downloads, albeit as pdfs. Guys, there is something called Kenya Open Data and all these documents belong there.

One of the documents published is the Revenue Book 2016/17, which contains a estimates of the revenue, grants and loans. While the figures published are great, I felt it is good to have some donut charts to visualise the data.

All the documents published by Treasury are in PDFs, which is great, but not so great when you want to extract the data from the tables. Luckily, there is tabula, a tool for liberating data tables locked inside PDF files. While at it, the urge to create interactive charts was so strong and d3.js.

The results were impressive as can be seen below.

The graphs

Checkout for a tree visualisation of the detailed revenue estimates.


The scripts to create the charts are open source with a GPLv3 license and can be downloaded from Top level, Taxes and Revenue.

An Excel spreadsheet with the data can be found Data Source