High quality barcode labels for biological samples

Badili supplies various barcode labels for biological samples collected in the field or generated in the laboratory. The labels complement our bespoke data management and analysis systems offering an end to end solution for research projects.

Label Types

We offer 3 main label types, all having unique barcodes

Long Term Storage Labels

Wraparound labels that are ideal for long term storage in -80 freezers or in vapor phase liquid nitrogen

  • Printable area: 25mm x 19mm
  • Clear area: 25mm x 38mm
  • Total area: 25mm x 57mm
  • 28pcs in an A4 sheet
Field Labels

Medium sized labels ideal for labelling source samples when being collected in the field, eg. vacutainers, fecal pots, etc.

  • 33mm x 23mm
  • No clear area
  • 50pcs in an A4 sheet
Laboratory Labels

These are small sized labels ideal for temporary labelling in the laboratory eg. Elisa plates, petridishes, etc.

  • 10mm x 31mm
  • No clear area
  • 110pcs in an A4 sheet

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